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May 26, 2020

Hoshino Resorts’ Actions Against Coronavirus

Hoshino Resorts Presents a Journey that will Avoid the “Three Cs”

Hoshino Resorts is a hotel management company that has over 40 properties within and outside of Japan and strives for the search of omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, through Japanese culture and traditions. We will continue to propose a way of travel that avoids the “Three Cs”, which includes close contact, confined spaces (with poor ventilation), and crowded places, as we will be living through a new era of lifestyle with coronavirus. Here, we declare that we will continue to update our actions and to aim for the highest standard of precautionary actions.

Strengthening the Actions Against the Virus for a Safe Stay

With the outbreak of COVID-19, travel and contact with others have been restricted. Hoshino Resorts believe that when the outbreak settles down, what is sought from travel is both safety and an experience that frees people from reality.

We think that the travel industry can provide a place of stay to relieve the mind from the stress that has built up during this past couple of months.

At Hoshino Resorts, for both guests and staff members, our focus is on the management of health and hygiene, and the avoidance of the “Three Cs”. We will continue to update our services at each and all the properties. Management of health and hygiene includes disinfection procedures inside the facility, and the confirmation of good health for both guests and staff. Avoidance of the “Three Cs” includes the making of an environment that avoids close contact, confinement of spaces, and crowds, and this will lead the way for our service to evolve.

Specific Actions to Avoid the “Three Cs”

Check-in & Check-out:
>Check-in will be held in the guest rooms, where check-in at the reception will be temporarily unavailable. To avoid contact with others as much as possible, guests will be escorted directly to their rooms for check-in. (Applicable to HOSHINOYA and KAI)
>Staff will make sure that guests are 2m apart if there is a line and will manage crowds. (Applicable to OMO, BEB and RISONARE)
>At the automated check-in/check-out machines, staff will make sure that there is enough space between guests for a speedy and smooth check-in. (Applicable to OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka and BEB)

[HOSHINOYA Karuizawa] Check-in held in the guest rooms

[Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel] Social distance at the reception

Guest Rooms:
>Natural ventilation is incorporated in the design of our properties. For example, at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, there are ceilings that have been structured in a way that allows ventilation to occur naturally and at HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, the guest rooms are built in a way that lets air in from the south, which allows the wind to flow easily.
>Outdoor area of guest rooms are present at HOSHINOYA Fuji, where the “terrace living” area with comfortable sofas connects the inside and outside. At RISONARE Nasu, the wooden balcony invites guests for a stay surrounded by abundant nature.
>Many KAI properties have rooms with outdoor onsen, hot spring, for a private time to soak in a bath.

[HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island] Guest room

[HOSHINOYA Fuji] Terrace Living

[KAI Sengokuhara] Outdoor onsen of a room

Food & Beverages:
>Management of crowds at restaurants and the spread of reservation times
>Change from buffet-style restaurants to having set menu and take-out options. Where you choose to eat can be decided from the restaurant, guest rooms, and public areas.
>Restaurant tables are at least 2m apart
>Meals to be served in semi-private rooms (some KAI properties, HOSHINOYA Tokyo and HOSHINOYA Kyoto)

Indoor or Outdoor Onsen & Pools:
<Indoor or Outdoor Onsen (hot spring)>
>Crowds to be monitored through a system that can be installed on your smartphone. The crowdedness of the public baths can be monitored timely and is scheduled to be installed in June to July.

>Crowds to be monitored using the same system as above and will be installed at RISONARE Tomamu and RISONARE Yatsugatake.
>Limited availability of lockers in order to manage the number of entry

Example of activities in nature:
Deep breathing exercises at HOSHINOYA
Farmers Lesson at the Agri-Garden fields and greenhouse of RISONARE Nasu
Forest walks in the air at RISONARE Yatsugatake and RISONARE Atami
Hay Bed at the Farm area of RISONARE Tomamu
Keiryu guide walk at Oirase Keiryu Hotel

Example of activities in your room:
Tenugui towel art at KAI Sengokuhara
Kogin stitching at KAI Tsugaru
Kanuma kumiko woodwork at KAI Nikko
Parquetry experience at KAI Hakone
Nagano wine tasting session at KAI Matsumoto (usually held at the lobby)

Public Area:
>Seats at public areas will be at least 2m apart at all properties
>The number of people to use the kid’s rooms will be limited (Applicable to RISONARE Tomamu, RISONARE Yatsugatake and RISONARE Atami)

Reference: Actions against coronavirus with respect to the management of health and hygiene at all properties of Hoshino Resorts
>Confirmation of health upon check-in
Our staff will be checking body temperatures and asking for travel histories upon check-in for all guests. If a guest has a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will follow the instructions of the public health center and act accordingly, which may result in a withhold of stay.
>Addition of disinfection procedures to the cleaning of rooms and public areas
In particular, for the cleaning of all guest rooms, alkaline electronic water will be used to disinfect areas that are most often touched such as doorknobs, handles of wardrobes and refrigerators, remote controls, switches, etc.
>Availability of alcohol-based disinfectants at multiple locations around a property
>Alcohol-based disinfectants to be used upon arrival at restaurants for all guests
> High-temperature washing (above 80 degrees Celsius) of tableware (plates and glass) and cutlery, and disinfection of trays.
>Masks to be worn by all staff members
>Management of health and hygiene of staff members (checking and recording temperatures before work).