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July 7, 2020

Restaurants with a “New Normal Buffet” Starting July

Hoshino Resorts is a hotel management company that has over 40 properties within and outside of Japan and strives for the search of omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, through Japanese culture and traditions. Restaurants with a “New Normal Buffet” has started since 1 July. From 1 May, buffet-style restaurants were temporarily closed but due to high demand, we re-created the buffet with consideration to avoidance of the Three Cs (close contact, confined spaces, and crowded places), and control of hygiene. In addition to serving food in the guest rooms and picnics, we brought back the option to enjoy buffets to further expand the way we enjoy delicious food, which can be one of the purposes of travel.
Living in a time with corona, new ways of travel that avoids the Three Cs is continuously being proposed by Hoshino Resorts. We declare that we will work to create an environment in which congestion does not easily occur and aim for the highest standard of actions against coronavirus by considering all possibilities of interaction between guests and staff, and between guests. Based on our actions against coronavirus, we re-created our buffets so that guests can feel at ease whilst at a buffet. We would like our guests to enjoy the benefits of our buffet, where you can enjoy meals related to the area and enjoy your favorite things as much as you want.

Five Elements of our “New Normal Buffet”
1) Restaurant to be used by guests who have passed a temperature check
At Hoshino Resorts, temperature checks are mandatory upon check-in. In case of a high temperature, a stay may be declined, which is one of the actions against the spread of the virus. Temperatures will also be checked before the use of the buffet for the same reason.

2) Application of Anti-viral coating, Medical Nanocoat
Medical Nanocoat, with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, will be applied to things that people come in contact with such as the buffet table, tongs, tables and chairs, etc. The Medical Nanocoat is a special coating that can neutralize the ability of viruses and bacteria to infect by destroying its proteins. With the use of this coating, the risk of getting the infection by contact will be reduced for a safer buffet meal.

3) Acrylic covers on all meals and strategic placement of meals
To avoid contamination, all meals have acrylic covers over them. Also, to avoid crowds and close contact between guests, the meals are strategically placed. There is distance between meals as well as markings on the floor to remind social distancing. Guests will be able to choose their favorite meals whilst naturally avoiding crowds and close contact.

4) Preparation of masks and gloves for all guests
All guests will be provided with a mask and glove to use at the buffet. Although we are using the Medical Nanocoat and acrylic covers, we also hand out the masks and gloves for a thorough avoidance of infection.

5) Staff assigned to control social distancing
Staff will be assigned around the buffet space to control crowds and to ensure social distancing between guests. Our staff may escort guests to a less crowded area or bring the meals to the guests’ table when necessary.

Other actions at the buffet-style restaurants
– Control of hygiene (food safety) by following the HACCP* protocols, which has been followed since the first opening of the restaurants
– Masks are worn by all staff members
– Alcohol-based disinfectants to be used upon arrival at restaurants for all guests
– High-temperature washing (above 80 degrees Celsius) of tableware (plates and glass) and cutlery, and disinfection of trays.
– Management of crowds at restaurants and the spread of reservation times
– Restaurant tables are at least 2 meters apart
– Exclusive menu for children, where set meals are brought to the table
*Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Point: Protocols for food safety recognized internationally

Property of Interest:
Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, OMO7 Asahikawa, Aomoriya, Oirase Keiryu Hotel, RISONARE Nasu, RISONARE Yatsugatake, RISONARE Kohamajima, Iriomote Hotel

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