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August 30, 2023

HOSHINOYA Guguan Introduces “Cultural Explorer’s Extended Stay”

HOSHINOYA Guguan launched the "Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay" promotion, offering special accommodation rates for stays of three nights or more. Stepping into the post-pandemic era, Hoshino Resorts advocates the "Stakeholder Tourism" concept, aiming to create a sustainable way of tourism. With the "Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay," travelers bid farewell to hectic sightseeing itineraries and are invited to enjoy the enriching experience while staying in Guguan, Taiwan.

Through the pandemic, the way of thinking of "travel" has shifted. Environmental reports indicate that about half of the carbon emissions in tourism come from transportation exhaust*1. Observing how nature recovered to its pristine state during the pandemic due to reduced economic activities, Hoshino Resorts promotes the "Stakeholder Tourism" concept, encouraging collaboration between "tourism businesses," "travelers," and “local communities" to create a sustainable way of tourism practices.
According to a survey by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the average length of domestic trips for Taiwanese people in 2019 was 1.5 nights, with an average of 5.96 trips per year*2. The "Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay" promotion aims to optimize the travel experience by encouraging travelers to stay for three nights or more in Guguan. This way, they can deeply immerse themselves in the local culture and natural beauty, reduce travel between destinations, and minimize carbon emissions to protect the environment, thereby promoting a new form of travel through extended stays.

HOSHINOYA Guguan's "Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay"
Enriching Stay Experience
Surrounded by mountains, HOSHINOYA Guguan enjoys a cooler climate compared to urban areas, making it a perfect year-round getaway destination. Through extended stays, travelers can not only experience the charms of nature but also participate in various cultural activities that showcase local traditions in the resort. For instance, the “Colorful Legacy of Atayal Weaving" activity combines the culture of the local Atayal tribe, allowing guests to experience the weaving heritage in the gentle breeze of the afternoon under the guidance of Atayal craftsmen. The “Historical Morning Stroll in Guguan" is a guided morning walk through the streets of Guguan, introducing guests to the local features and cultural charm.

Endless Stream of Healing Springs
Every room in HOSHINOYA Guguan comes with a private semi-open-air hot spring. The abundant supply of thermal spring water allows travelers to indulge in a slow and healing pace of life. Soaking in the hot springs not only raises body temperature and boosts immunity but also balances physiological functions for overall well-being*3. The "Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay" promotion aims to offer guests an opportunity to immerse in the healing effects of the hot springs for multiple days, nurturing their bodies and mind.

"Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay" Promotion
The "Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay" is a special promotion to encourage consecutive stays and promote a new form of travel. Guests who book a stay for three consecutive nights or more will be offered a 30% discount on the accommodation rate. This promotion is applicable to all room types.

"Cultural Explorer's Extended Stay" Promotion Overview
■ Stay Period: After June 28, 2023~
■ Reservation: HOSHINOYA Guguan Official Website
* This promotion is room-only and cannot be combined with other offers. A minimum stay of three nights is required.
* To reduce environmental impact, this promotion only includes light housekeeping.

*1 Sustainable Travel International. (2020). The carbon footprint of tourism
*2 Taiwan Marketing Research, Inc. (2021) 2021 Survey of Travel by R.O.C. Citizens. Taiwan Tourism Bureau
*3 Hayasaka, S (2018) The Best Way to Bath. p. 30

Located just outside Taichung, in the thermal valley of Guguan surrounded by mountains, the hot spring resort "HOSHINOYA Guguan" opened on June 30, 2019. As the second overseas facility of the HOSHINOYA brand and the first top-tier hot spring resort created by Hoshino Resorts in Taiwan, all rooms are equipped with semi-open-air baths. 
HOSHINOYA Guguan is a hot spring resort with the Chinese concept of mushu(*1) — pure water that offers relief from the heat of summer. Guguan is surrounded by mountains and a cool climate during the summer with an average temperature difference of 5 degrees Celsius below central and northern Taiwan. Every summer, a series of seasonal activities are prepared, encouraging guests to step out of air-conditioned rooms and bask in the sunlight filtering through the branches, making the most of Guguan's unique environment to cleanse away the summer heat.

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