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October 26, 2020

”Hoshino Resorts Milk Jam" available for home starting October 30th, 2020

Hoshino Resorts, a hotel management company, operates over 40 properties within and outside of Japan. The “Hoshino Resorts Milk Jam” will be sold starting from October 30, 2020. This product was created at RISONARE Nasu with the aim to reduce food loss of milk at Shinrinno Farm. Since July, the milk jam has been used to make frappes at RISONARE and shaved ice at KAI properties for people to enjoy its different flavors with various ingredients. After receiving a great response, we have decided to make it into a product, more readily available at home.
The outbreak of coronavirus has led to a decrease in the consumption of milk and milk products due to the temporary shutdown of schools and restaurants. To change this situation, RISONARE Nasu (Nasu, Tochigi) has been in collaboration with Shinrinno Farm, which supplies the milk used at our restaurants. Since April, we have been working on reducing the food loss of milk by producing milk jams that can be stored for a long period of time.  In the hopes of the milk jam to reach as many people as possible, we first launched our “Save the Farm Milk Jam Frappe” at 3 RISONARE properties, and as a new edition to the menu, we have created “Save the Farm Milk Jam Shaved Ice” for 3 KAI properties to beat coronavirus and the summer heat. We have received overwhelming responses, especially for the frappe, which sold over 1800 cups within the first three months after its launch. In a time withcorona, food loss is becoming more serious and many people are agreeing to help as well as seeking opportunities to purchase products. We will be selling the “Hoshino Resorts Milk Jam” nationwide at all of our properties in Japan.

Save the Farm Milk Jam Frappe at RISONARE (currently, only sold at RISONARE Nasu)

Shaved ice with strawberries and milk jam at KAI Nikko (end of service)

Characteristic of the Hoshino Resorts Milk Jam
The Jersey cow milk from Shinrinno Farm allows a rich milk jam to be produced. Milk of Jersey cows are more fragrant and tasteful than what we are used to. In order to make use of this characteristic, the milk is boiled down just before it burns, leaving us with a jam that is not too sweet, almost with a sharpness to the taste. With this distinct taste, we were able to develop milk jam that suits with toast, ice cream, yogurt, and fruits.

About Shinrinno Farm
Shinrinno Farm provides milk for RISONARE Nasu. At our farm, we raise Jersey cows and through free-range farming, different flavors of milk can be produced per season. In addition, the milk is processed in-house with low-temperature pasteurization and we are particular about producing milk that maintains a flavor that is close to that of freshly squeezed, raw milk. Our farm maintained its business during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus mainly through the production and online selling of dairy products. However, we were still in a position to have to consider the disposal of raw milk. While considering different measures of what to do, we agreed with the proposal from Hoshino Resorts and started to ship milk to produce milk jam. Our collaboration has now led to operating our business without causing food loss. We are aiming for sustainable ranch management that protects the relationship between nature, people, and Jersey cows in Nasu, whilst hoping that the third wave of the virus will not come in the future.

Café menu using milk jams available at the Morikone café by Shinrinno farm starting from October 30, 2020
Enjoy the “Hoshino Resorts’ Milk jam” at Morikone café operated by Shinrinno Farm, situated within “Miruru” of the Nasu-Shiobara Library, which opened on September 1, 2020. Starting from October 30 2020, caramel macchiato and soft cream with milk jam will be available for purchase.

About the “Hoshino Resorts Milk Jam”
Release date: October 30th, 2020
Price: 1,000 JPY per milk jam (excludes tax)
Net content: 200 g
Available at: RISONARE Nasu (Tochigi), RISONARE Atami (Shizuoka), RISONARE Yatsugatake (Yamanashi), KAI Nikko (Tochigi), KAI Kinugawa (Tochigi), KAI Kawaji (Tochigi)
Others: For other properties, they will be sold sequentially. Only hotel guests may be able to purchase.