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November 24, 2021

POKO POKO by Klein Dytham architecture is selected for Dezeen Awards 2021

Dezeen, an influential architecture, interior, and design magazine, has selected POKO POKO of RISONARE Nasu by Klein Dytham architecture as the winner for “Hospitality Building of the Year” on 24 November 2021.

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Dezeen is an influential architecture, interior, and design magazine based in London, United Kingdom. First launched in 2006, it has become one of the leading international architecture magazines with over three million monthly readers. The Dezeen Award is an annual award, recognizing the world’s best architecture, interior, and design, carefully selected by architecture and design industry leaders from all over the world.

POKO POKO is an activity center of RISONARE Nasu, characterized by its three coned roofs. Inside, there is a library cafe, and a play area, which consists of a netted ball pool play area and a nursery. This POKO POKO was designed by Klein Dytham architecture and it was selected as the “Hospitality Building of the Year” for its design and idea, recognized by one of the judges as follows, “the simple idea of combining three low technology cones made of local pine to create a fitting and unique response externally. The delight of the grouping though is most impressive in the light, scale, proportion and comfort of the group in making a playful clubhouse enjoyed by all ages with a feeling that one lives in a forest” (*1).

Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) is a multi-disciplinary design practice known for architecture, interiors, public spaces and installations. Established by Royal College of Art graduates Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in Tokyo in 1991, today KDa is a multi-lingual office with an international reputation and a high-profile client list. In 1996, Yukinari Hisama joined to KDa as a key member. Representative works are Daikanyama T-SITE/Tsutaya Books (2011), GINZA PLACE (2016) and Open House (Bangkok, 2017), PokoPoko Clubhouse/Risonare Nasu (2020), Cartier Facade Osaka (2021).

RISONARE Nasu opened in November of 2019 at the foot of Mount Nasu in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, just an hour and a half away from Tokyo by train. The abundant nature and prosperous crop production in Nasu contributed to its concept as an “Agriturismo Resort,” promoting “local charms combined with a resort stay” as a new style of travel, where the meals and activities at the resort focus on experiencing activities related to local farming and the natural environment. Main facilities include the Agri-garden, POKO POKO activity center, and two restaurants, OTTO SETTE NASU and SHAKI SHAKI, offering a resort stay surrounded by nature, and its uniqueness is amplified by original activities throughout the year to experience the different stages of harvest first hand.

(*1) Dezeen, 2021, PokoPoko Clubhouse by Klein Dytham architecture, Dezeen.

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