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November 16, 2022

Grand opening of KAI Izumo and re-opening of KAI Tamatsukuri (formerly KAI Izumo) on November 16th, 2022  

Top to Bottom: View from the terrace of KAI Izumo, KAI Signature Room of KAI Izumo, KAI Signature Room of KAI Tamatsukuri

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On November 16th, 2022, Hoshino Resorts opened KAI Izumo (Izumo Hinomisaki Onsen, Shimane) and re-opened KAI Tamatsukuri (Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shimane). Under the hot spring ryokan brand, KAI, these properties will make it possible for hot springs of different qualities to be enjoyed and to experience the hospitality of KAI, which incorporates regional culture. Stay experiences to enjoy Shimane in different ways will be proposed, where at KAI Izumo, cultural experiences related to the myths of Izumo will be offered and at KAI Tamatsukuri, full immersion into the cultures of tea ceremonies and Japanese sake can be experienced.

Two KAI Properties to enjoy the different charms of Shimane

KAI Izumo (Izumo Hinomisaki Onsen, Shimane)
KAI Izumo will open in a location with views of Hinomisaki Lighthouse, which is located at the westernmost tip of the Shimane peninsula, and Izumo Matsushima islands. The vast Japan Sea is right in front of the ryokan and it is a location with picturesque views of Hinomisaki Lighthouse as it is lit up by the sunset. Also, the Hinomisaki Shrine is about a 5-minute walk from KAI Izumo, and Izumo-taisha Shrine is about a 20-minute drive away, where one of the most famous shrines in Izumo can easily be visited. This hot spring ryokan takes advantage of its close proximity to Izumo-taisha, where guests can enjoy cultural experiences related to the Myths of Izumo and hot springs.

KAI Tamatsukuri (Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shimane)
KAI Tamatsukuri, formerly called KAI Izumo, is a hot spring ryokan located at Tamatsukuri Onsen, which is known to be a place with Japan’s oldest “spring of beauty” with every guest room that has a private outdoor bath. Since the Nara period, the spring water in this area is known for beautifying the skin as it was once described in an ancient report “you will look beautiful when you take a bath once and after the second time, you will recover from any disease.” Soak in the “spring of beauty” with a cup of Japanese sake in a land said to be the birthplace of sake.

Characteristics of KAI Izumo and KAI Tamatsukuri
1.Guest rooms: KAI Signature Rooms
KAI Signature Rooms are unique to the KAI brand, where regional culture can be appreciated from within the guest rooms. These rooms are also designed with modern-day comfort for relaxation. Discover the culture of Shimane Prefecture through regional art and crafts.

KAI Signature Room of KAI Izumo
All guest rooms are KAI Signature Rooms and there are five different room types with either a lighthouse or ocean view. The lower shrine at Hinomisaki Shrine, which is the closest shrine to KAI Izumo, is known as the “Sunset Shrine” and was built in honor of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun. It is said that Ise Grand Shrine protects Japan during the daytime, while Hinomisaki Shrine protects Japan during the nighttime (*1). As suggested by this piece of folklore, the changes in the scenery are remarkable in this area during the sunset, which is enhanced by the blue used in the rooms. Rooms with ocean views use traditional, local washi paper dyed in pink color in the image of the sunrise to contrast against the blue of the ocean. Guests can enjoy the different hues of colors depending on the time of day to soak in the magnificent views.
(*1) Shimane Tourism Association Home Page 

KAI Signature Room of KAI Tamatsukuri
All guest rooms are KAI Signature Rooms and there are three different room types. Blue agate, which was used to make magatama (curved, comma-shaped beads) had been mined at the hilly area near Tamatsukuri Hot Spring called Kasenzan since the Kofun period (about 300AD to 538 AD). In the Heian period (794 to 1185), Tamatsukuri prospered as a production site for magatama and came to be known as the place where the Yasakani no Magatama, which is one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan, was created. The guest rooms are decorated based on the theme of agate and magatama. In addition, with a private outdoor bath in all of the rooms, guests can soak in the Tamatsukuri hot spring water that makes skin supple and beautiful anytime during their stay. Experience the culture, crafts, and hot springs of Tamatsukuri, which have been around since ancient times

2. Hot Springs: Enjoy Bathing in Different Locations with Different Characteristics 
At KAI, different methods of bathing are proposed to suit the characteristics of the hot spring of the region. The public bath at KAI Izumo overlooks the Japan Sea, as the public bath at KAI Tamatsukuri is surrounded by flora.

Public Bath of KAI Izumo
The spring water at KAI Izumo has high salt content so the body will be warmed to its core and heat will be retained. By taking time to stretch the body in warm water whilst enjoying the views of the sacred coastline, the body will slowly but surely be warmed up. In addition, the high salt content of the springs is reminiscent of purifying salt, making it a soak that prepares one for visits to the shrine. This is a large public bath where guests can enjoy the views of the changing sky and sea while preparing for a visit.
Classification of spring water: Strong Sodium Chloride Spring

Public Bath of KAI Tamatsukuri
Since the Nara period, the spring water in Tamatsukuri Onsen is known for beautifying the skin as it was once described in an ancient report as “you will look beautiful when you take a bath once and after the second time, you will recover from any disease.” Its smooth hot water helps the skin become lustrous and full of moisture. The public bath is surrounded by nature and the spring water for supple skin that has sprung since ancient times can be enjoyed.
Classification of spring water: Sodium, Calcium Sulfate, Chloride Spring

3. KAI Local Flavors – Kaiseki course meal using local ingredients
For dinner, a Kaiseki course meal to enjoy the food culture of Shimane and Izumo is served in the dining with semi-private rooms. Matsuba crab fishing is permitted starting in early November so a special kaiseki course will be served at this time. The main dish will be prepared using different methods at each property. At KAI Izumo, Matsuba crab wrapped in rice straw, which enhances the richness of the flavor, is steamed. The inspiration behind this dish came from Okuninushi, the deity of abundant harvests that is celebrated at Izumo-taisha. Whilst at KAI Tamatsukuri, the Matsuba crab is placed between cedar boards and wrapped with paper before being steamed. Without losing the umami of the crab, this culinary method allows the natural flavor of the crab to be enjoyed.

4. KAI Cultural Discovery: Iwami Kagura, Dance of the Deities
One way of hospitality by the KAI properties is the KAI Cultural Discovery program, sharing insight into regional culture through art and entertainment. At KAI Izumo and KAI Tamatsukuri, our staff will perform Iwami Kagura, a traditional performing art of Shimane Prefecture, dancing to the sounds of drums and flutes in gorgeous costumes and masks. The performance at the two properties is a performance based on mythology. A moment to experience the traditional performing arts that have rooted in Shimane, also known as the Land of Myths, to feel the history and culture of the area.

KAI Cultural Discovery at KAI Izumo
A performance that depicts the battle between two gods for the kingdom of Izumo. With the sea in the background, a bonfire is lit and a heroic kagura dance is performed. This myth describes the origins of the Izumo-taisha shrine and by watching this performance before visiting the shrine, mental preparation for appreciating its history can be achieved.

KAI Cultural Discovery at KAI Tamatsukuri
A performance that depicts the battle of Susano Onomikoto, one of the gods, against a giant snake by getting it drunk. The program is associated with the Izumo region, the birthplace of sake. Our staff in colorful costumes will dance dynamically to its lively music

5. Stay experiences
At KAI Izumo, the ryokan’s location in Hinomisaki is taken advantage of to offer hospitality in the form of scenery and help prepare for visits to the shrine. At KAI Tamatsukuri, hospitality in the form of cultural experiences related to sake and tea ceremonies is offered.

Shinsen Breakfast at KAI Izumo
Shinsen is an offering of food given to the Shinto gods. This is a special breakfast that incorporates various elements of shinsen such as freshwater fish, saltwater fish, vegetables, and seaweed as well as the three most important shinsen offerings rice, salt, and water (*2). By eating the same food as the gods, guests will be able to prepare for their visit to the shrines to pray for even better fortunes. This will be offered starting in December as part of a special plan.
(*2) Association of Shinto Shrines Home Page

Terrace of KAI Izumo
Overlooking the ocean, it is a terrace that is located next to the Travel Library. It is a space that is open in particular with views of the horizon and sky unobstructed by almost nothing. Spend a quiet and comforting time at different times of day as the color of the sky changes.

Sake Bar at KAI Tamatsukuri
There are many sake breweries in Shimane Prefecture, which is said to be the birthplace of sake, and these breweries make distinctive sake. At the Sake Bar, local sake that has been carefully selected by staff members can be enjoyed. Sake from almost all of the sake breweries in the prefecture is gathered at the bar, where the history and characteristics of each brewery can be learned to get insight into the world of sake. (Sake and snack set starting from 1,000 JPY)

Tea Ceremony Experience at KAI Tamatsukuri
The culture of tea ceremonies thrived in the Matsue area during the Edo period, and it is still known today as one of the three major areas for tea. Spend a relaxing time with matcha and Japanese confectionary in a tearoom facing a Japanese garden.

About KAI Izumo
Location: 604 Hinomisaki, Taisha-cho, Izumo, Shimane
Number of Rooms: 39
Facilities: Dining, travel library, shop, “Yuagari lounge,” Public bath
Price: Starting from 25,000 JPY per night per person in a 2 person room (includes tax and service charge, breakfast and dinner)
Direction: 3 minute walk from Hinomisaki Lighthouse Bus stop

About KAI Tamatsukuri
Location: 1237 Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-cho, Matsue, Shimane
Number of Rooms: 24
Facilities: Dining, travel library, shop, “Yuagari lounge,” Public bath, Tearoom, Sake BAR
Price: Starting from 35,000 JPY per night per person in a 2 person room (includes tax and service charge, breakfast and dinner)
Direction: 5 minutes by car from JR Tamatsukuri Onsen Station

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