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December 14, 2020

HOSHINOYA Bali to be chosen for Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List 2021

HOSHINOYA Bali, operated by Hoshino Resorts (Headquarters: Nagano, CEO: Yoshiharu Hoshino), has been named as one of the best hotels in the world by international travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler (Publisher: Conde Nast Publications) on December 10, 2020. The property was chosen for the “2021 Gold List,” which is one of the leading awards given to not only hotels but also destinations, cruises, flights, restaurants and bars to highlight the world’s best of the year. HOSHINOYA Bali was chosen for its architecture that incorporates traditional Balinese culture and Japanese aesthetics of space, villa that blends in with its surrounding nature, and inclusion of the flow of water in the landscape.

Message from Masato Hirose, the General Manager of HOSHINOYA Bali
Every staff member of HOSHINOYA Bali, including myself, are all delighted and grateful to be selected for the prestigious award, the “2021 Gold List.” Since the opening of the property back in 2017, as the first overseas property under our HOSHINOYA brand, we have been operating in Bali with the utilization of our unique company culture and management style that had been built up in Japan. We not only respond to the request of our customers, but we also value Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, which is commonly proposed at Japanese inns, where there is commitment towards providing personalized hospitality. At overseas properties as well, there has been strong emphasis on each staff member to take the initiative to create and propose new services. I hope that the staff who are born and raised in the land, where tradition and culture is deeply rooted, will continue to convey the unique charms of Bali, Ubud. Currently, it is difficult to travel abroad, but we are looking forward to the day when we can welcome customers again. 

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