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December 16, 2022

New Opening: RISONARE Osaka (at Hyatt Regency Osaka)

Japan’s first hotel to incorporate Reggio Emilia Approach, one of the most advanced early childhood education program

Hoshino Resorts, a hotel management company that operates over 60 properties inside and outside of Japan, opened RISONARE Osaka on 16 December 2022 and it is operated in collaboration with Hyatt Regency Osaka. With the concept of “a resort with endless possibilities for creative play,” children can draw on the walls and windows of guest rooms with crayons as well as play at Japan’s largest atelier to spark interest through various forms of expression. This hotel collaborated with the Machino Research Institute, an organization that is conducting research on the Reggio Emilia Approach, one of the world’s most advanced preschool education philosophies from Italy. Through hands-on experiences, RISONARE Osaka aims to become a resort hotel that offers new value by creating opportunities to nurture the creativity of children.

RISONARE Osaka has adopted the Reggio Emilia Approach to enrich learning with creativity through various experiences that would expand their limitless possibilities even further. An environment where children can freely expand and fully express their imagination is prepared. There are many options for expression, such as painting, sculpting, light and shadow, and we prepared a number of items that deepen our exploration, such as industrial products provided by local residents as materials to express, and natural objects that change color depending on the season. Our staff will also accompany the exploration and creation process by listening to each child to bring out their individuality. In this environment, children can enjoy time concentrating on creative play.

Reggio Emilia Approach
The Reggio Emilia Approach is unique for its emphasis on “community” and “creativity.” Despite being professionally grounded in various theories and pedagogical ideas, the approach emphasizes independent learning by children through mutual collaboration among themselves and with the local community. Moreover, activities are conducted from day to day in a beautiful and creative childcare environment where children can process ideas in a hands-on manner and form their own theories and ideas.

Cultivate creative thinking in Japan’s largest art studio
One of the largest ateliers in Japan (approximately 470 square meters) is located on the top floor, the 28th floor, of the hotel, overlooking Osaka Bay. Using a colorful palette inspired by the bustling center of trade at Osaka Nanko, the atelier is a fun and sophisticated space with a sense of rhythm. Here, children can look at the numerous available materials and interact with them to learn about the identity of each item. They can then select items that appeal to them and discover new ways to play by thinking about the relationships between different items. We believe that this kind of autonomous action is the beginning of learning that will create possibilities for the future. There are three areas: interest, exploration, and expression for children to select and explore.
■Open hours: 9 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 6 pm

Interest Area – Feeling the local connection
At the entrance to the atelier, there is a gallery that inspires children to become interested in things, and it is where the connection with the local community can be felt. the connection with the community. The Nanko region where RISONARE Osaka is located is a place where nature, technology, and people have come together. With the theme of gathering, there are gears and materials of various shapes and shiny acrylic pieces on display. All the materials displayed are provided by local craftsmen. We hope the connections made and time spent interacting with materials here will help children discover the things they like. The installation of colorful threads is inspired by the reclaimed land of Nanko. Children can stack and roll up the threads to develop and build their own reclaimed land.

Exploration Area - Find what you like
・Experiencing the colors and textures of various materials
The material areas are color themed and decorated with things like red-dyed cloth, leaves that change colors with the seasons, and other industrial and natural materials. Children can explore the feel of different colors by seeing gradations and the way colors change with the light of the window shining through them. They can also discover textures and shapes by touching soft things, hard things, and so on. They can then put these materials together with their hands to build and create while enjoying the colors, textures, and shapes.

・Discovering tools
This is also a place where children can discover tools such as paint and brushes used by professionals. Light and dark paints of colors, as well as thin and thick brushes, are prepared. A color or object that is normally considered one can become something different when mixed and can lead to new realizations. Children are also free to choose what canvas to paint on, whether it’s art paper, the window, or a big piece of paper spread out on the floor.

・Sculpt using your whole body
Using their entire body, children can touch clay and sand, knead it with their hands, leave footprints on the clay, etc. There are four types of clay that are also used as pottery clay. Each has a different color and texture to entice curiosity. By building something from scratch and repeatedly breaking it down and sculpting it, the desire to explore can be deepened. Also, children can enjoy playing with the sand on top of a light table, which feels like, drawing on a canvas of sand using light.

・Learning about light and shadow
There is a space that uses a projector to display materials on the wall and on white cloth set up like a screen. By projecting these materials, the colors may look transparent or otherwise different and experience the properties of light and shadow. Children can also place both transparent and opaque objects on the light table in the atelier for a creatively stimulating experience.

・Material library where interesting materials and tools gather
With a collection of familiar materials from everyday life including natural items, industrial items, and crafts provided by various experts, a wide variety of materials can be found. The shelf contains a collection of materials and tools related to five themes: fish and the sea, bugs and insects, earth sciences and stones, crafting, and industry.

Expression Area – Working on projects from various perspectives
Children can participate in projects that deepen their creative expression through dialogue with our atelieristas, who are art experts that can draw out creativity in children. The theme can be approached in various ways such as spatially, structurally, or visually. A variety of experiences are available, including activities children participate in by themselves and large pieces everyone creates together. There are no rules about what to create, so children can expand their autonomous interests and explore their own questions to become more expressive. They can have fun getting to know themselves and learning together in these activities.
■Time: 9 am to 6 pm (60 min per workshop)
■Target children: 3 years old and over
■Price: Included in the Atelier fee

“Atelier Room” - Concept room for free expression
There are ten room types, three of which are concept rooms called “Atelier rooms.” These Atelier rooms have various motifs on the walls in red tones, and children can draw all over the walls and windows with special crayons. In addition, in the Atelier deluxe room, there is a net hanging from the ceiling, where children can climb and lay down for a fun time from the rooms. It is a room type that can be enjoyed by families, with family friends, or with families of all generations. The interior was designed by Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) and the graphic design on the walls is designed by Yasuyuki Tamenaga from picnique. Staying true to the concept of “a resort with endless possibilities for creative play,” the design is sophisticated whilst being exciting for children.

<Outline of Atelier Rooms>
Atelier Triple: 10 rooms, 3 people, 30 square meters
Atelier Quad: 12 rooms, 4 people, 40 square meters
Atelier Deluxe: 2 rooms, 5 people, 80 square meters

A full course for children
The restaurant “basilico” offers a full course for children using carefully selected ingredients. This is the first course for children and includes an appetizer, soup, four main dishes to choose from, and a dessert. The main dish includes colorful gnocchi made with traditional vegetables and pizza with a springy crust carefully cooked in a wood-fired brick oven.
■Price: 3,082 JPY (includes tax and service charge)

A relaxing time at the Club Lounge of Hyatt Regency Osaka
Guests of RISONARE Osaka have access to the “Regency Club” lounge operated by Hyatt Regency Osaka. Located on the top floor, it’s an open space where tea and evening cocktails can be enjoyed with a view. Situated on the same floor as the atelier, guests can spend time at this lounge whilst children participate in creative workshops.
■Price: 6,215 JPY per person per night (includes tax and service charge)
■Others: Menu will depend on the time of year and availability of produce. Children's fee separately required.

About Klein Dytham architecture (KDa)
Klein Dytham Architects (KDa), founded in 1991 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, is a multilingual office that specializes in design in several areas, including architecture, interiors, public spaces and installations. In 1996, Yukinari Hisama joined to KDa as a key member. In addition, since 2015, Astrid has been working as an instructor at the Children's School of Architecture, which is hosted by architect Toyo Ito, to foster children's creativity through thinking about architecture and the city.

Comments on the design
The design considers the scenery of Nanko visible from the atelier and guest rooms as the biggest appeal. The atelier is inspired by the industrial look of the bay visible ahead, using an industrial palette not normally used for interiors to design a colorful landscape. Rhythmic variations in elevation and perforated board used on the pillars and walls make all kinds of activities possible in the atelier. The guest rooms are designed with fun, happy graphics to stimulate creativity. If children feel as if their creative impulse is tickled by the wall motifs and the view of Osaka Bay, they can enjoy drawing on the whiteboard. Guest rooms with nets hanging from the ceilings can allow children to see Osaka Bay and their families from a new perspective, so by the time they check out they might feel like a different person.

About Machino Research Institute Inc.
Machino Research Institute is the only Japanese organization in the international network for the Reggio Emilia Approach. It is also the founder and representative of JIREA (Japan Institute for Reggio Emilia Alliance), which serves as the point of contact in Japan for the Reggio Emilia Approach. Machino Research Institute has an extensive network of universities and other research institutions, educational institutions in Japan and abroad, creative teams, etc., and is involved in various activities related to childcare and education. Its sister company Natural Smile Japan, Inc., operates the Machino Hoikuen/Kodomoen Community School, a licensed preschool and childcare center, in five locations within Tokyo.
Website: Machino Research Institute Inc.

About RISONARE Osaka
Around 40 minutes from central Osaka by train and it is located in the Nanko area of the Port of Osaka, one of Japan’s five major trade ports. RISONARE Osaka is composed of 64 guest rooms on the 23rd, 24th, and 26th floors of Hyatt Regency Osaka, in addition to the atelier located on the top floor. The hotel is operated as a "collaboration hotel" where multiple brand experiences are possible in one building. Our business partner Hyatt Regency Osaka provides guest rooms and food & beverages services, while RISONARE Osaka provides special, exclusive activities for guests. RISONARE Osaka guests have access to the additional facilities provided by Hyatt Regency Osaka such as their club lounge, four restaurants, fitness center, and garden pool. The afternoon tea offered in the lobby lounge on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays can also be enjoyed. RISONARE Osaka is the RISONARE brand’s sixth facility but the first in western Japan, and the second in Osaka Prefecture following OMO7 Osaka.

Property name: Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Osaka (at Hyatt Regency Osaka)
Location: 1-13-11 Nankokita, Suminoe, Osaka
Number of Rooms: 64
Room rate: Starting from 18,000 JPY per night (includes tax and service charge) *Accommodation tax will be charged separately
Atelier fee: 15,000 JPY (per night for 1 child, includes tax and service charge) *Free for infants age 0
Others: Atelier is opened for children aged 12 or under, recommended for children aged 6 or under
Direction: 3 minutes by walk from Nakafuto Station of the Osaka Metro New Tram

About the RISONARE Brand
Countryside resort hotel with food culture unique to the landscape RISONARE is a countryside resort hotel with a focus on food culture that uses locally sourced ingredients unique to each landscape. Each resort takes on its own form, such as a wine resort, agriturismo resort, etc., and offers an array of activities to work both the mind and the body. Embark on a journey with us into a world of culinary experiences.

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