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January 25, 2022
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Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Sakura Terrace of HOSHINOYA Kyoto

Encounter the luxury of a private Sakura viewing in Oku-Arashiyama, Kyoto

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HOSHINOYA Kyoto, a ryokan in Arashiyama where all the guest rooms have a river view, will open the Sakura Terrace for cherry blossom viewing starting from 25 March to 10 April 2022. Cherry blossom viewing is a popular event, where crowds are easily formed in parks and gardens in major cities. This program is available to one group per day to spend a private viewing, inviting guests to enjoy this seasonal event with a sense of serenity. Start the program in the afternoon with matcha green tea in hand as the sunset illuminates the cherry blossom petals. It follows with a meal, Korin dinner, in front of the cherries, and in the morning, a hot pot breakfast can be enjoyed. Enjoy the calm atmosphere of spring in Kyoto surrounded by the changing scenes of sakura.

Arashiyama in Kyoto has been selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots and in spring, it is a popular destination for tourists. HOSHINOYA Kyoto is located in a valley about 1km away from Togetsu Bridge, a famous area in Arashiyama so guests will be able to enjoy cherry blossoms away from the busy city. The terrace is set up in an area within the premise where the weeping cherry blossoms are most beautiful. We hope guests can spend a private time during their cherry blossom viewing at the Sakura Terrace.

Sakura Terrace – Private time at the Sakura Terrace
The Sakura Terrace is next to the guest room and it can only be accessed by those who participate in this program. While two weeping cherry trees bloom over the terrace, cherry trees such as Yamazakura and Someiyoshino cover the rest of the area and on the other side of the riverbank, Mt. Ogura is also covered by cherry blossoms. To be able to relax under the cherry blossoms, there is a wood terrace and a terrace with tatami (rice straw) floors. A sofa is available on the wood terrace so that the viewing of the cherry blossom with a beverage of your choice can be enjoyed with comfort. At the terrace with tatami floors, guests can choose to lie down on the floor to gaze at the surrounding scenery.

Schedule: Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Sakura Terrace
Afternoon – Sunset cherry blossom viewing with Japanese confectionary and matcha green tea
Guests can enjoy matcha green tea and wagashi, Japanese confectionery while gazing at cherry blossoms during sunset. The wagashi is made especially for this program by a 100-year-old wagashi store called Oimatsu. Inspired by an image of cherry blossoms blooming in Sakura Terrace, salted cherry leaves and sweet bean paste are placed inside the white and pink colored dough and was named Cherry River. The tea leaves for the matcha is carefully selected and grounded for HOSHINOYA Kyoto by Rishoen Chaho in Uji, Kyoto, and served in tsutsu chawan (a type of tea bowl) with a modern design by Masahiko Ichino, who built the Taiga kiln of Tamba pottery. Matcha tea bowls are usually shallow with a large diameter but the tsutsu chawan is made deeper to prevent heat from escaping and will be perfect for the chilly afternoon in spring.

Evening – Savoring our original, chef's special Korin dinner
At night, the chef's special, Korin dinner under the illuminated cherry blossoms can be savored. Our meals are served on korin-zaki, a bamboo sheath decorated with gold lacquer, and sakura motif plates and bowls following the story of Korin Ogata, a painter in the Edo period, who used korin-zaki as a plate for his meal at a cherry blossom viewing in Arashiyama. Enjoy a meal that includes lots of nutritious spring ingredients such as soft steamed abalone, bamboo shoots, and young sweetfish with a backdrop of cherry blossom petals fluttering in the wind.

Morning – Warming of the body with the Morning Hot Pot breakfast
Morning hot pot breakfast full of vegetables can be enjoyed under the cherry blossoms in the soft morning light. Seasonal vegetables such as canola flower, with a slightly bitter flavor, and mountain herbs, said to help stomach movement, are simmered in the chef’s special kelp and bonito flavored broth. Warm the body from its core at the beginning of spring and nourish the body with the goodness of nature.

Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Sakura Terrace in a glance
Period: 25 March – 10 April 2022
Price: 35,000 JPY per group (includes tax and service charge)
Price includes: private use of the Sakura Terrace, Korin dinner, Morning Hot Pot breakfast, Japanese confectionery, matcha green tea Available: to guests staying in the Yamanoha Maisonette Room
Capacity: 1 group per day (maximum of 2 persons per group)
Reservation: required a week in advance
・Depending on the blooming conditions of the cherry blossoms, they may not be blooming on the day of your stay.
・Depending on the situation, the contents of the program may be subject to change.
・Canceled in case of rain on the day of check-in

Address: 11-2 Arashiyama Genrokuzancho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 616-0007
Number of Rooms: 25
Check-in: 3:00 pm/Check-out: 12:00 pm
Price: Starting from 134,000 JPY per night per room (includes tax and service charge, excludes meals)
Directions: Approximately 10 minutes by walk from Arashiyama Station (Hankyu Line)

Luxury hotel embodying the true characteristics of land, history, and culture
HOSHINOYA is an accommodation with distinct themes, conceptualized from each location's land, history, and culture. Woven into these distinct themes is our attention to detail in every aspect from the design to hospitality; contributing to the creation of a one-of-a-kind world of HOSHINOYA. Enrich the heart with the epiphanies of travel through a unique stay experience.

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