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February 8, 2022
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Kirishima Tea Stay at KAI Kirishima

Discover and learn the charms of tea during its best season in Southern Japan

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KAI Kirishima, a hot spring ryokan overlooking the vast landscape of Sakurajima of Kagoshima Prefecture, will be offering Kirishima Tea Stay from 20 April to 20 June 2022. This program includes an opportunity for guests to enjoy classic green tea through picking and roasting tea leaves, a soak in the open-air hot spring baths of the rooms with tea incenses, and a chance to savor Kirishima tea cocktails. Discover the blessings of nature of Kagoshima, Kirishima tea, as one is invited to learn about the charms of this tea through the use of their senses.

Kagoshima Prefecture is one of the leading tea farming regions in Japan, and according to the statistics released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in March 2020, its income from tea leaves became the largest in Japan. Kirishima tea grows in a warm area of southern Kyushu at the foot of a mountain, where there is a difference in temperature between day and night. It grows in a natural environment unique to Kirishima as the morning mist fills the air. Late spring and early summer are known as the season for fresh or “new” tea and it uses tea sprouts that are harvested for the first time in that year. Enjoy the characteristic deep flavor and fragrant aroma of Kirishima tea during the best season with a backdrop of Kirishima’s vast nature.

Characteristic 1) Tea cocktails: 8 types of Kirishima tea with shochu
At KAI Kirishima, Kirishima tea can be enjoyed in various ways where 8 types of Kirishima tea are combined with carefully selected shochu (distilled liquor) produced by 4 shochu breweries in Kirishima city. The Kirishima tea used in the cocktails is all certified as "Gensen Kirishima Tea" by Gensen Kirishima, a Gastronomy brand in Kirishima City that promotes the city's outstanding products, services, and initiatives related to food. Each tea is extracted at its optimum temperature and time to bring out the original flavor of the tea leaves. Moreover, the shochu used to create the cocktails are selected by the chief brewer of each shochu brewery. Discover new ways of enjoying tea through its collaboration with the specialties of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Characteristic 2) Picking and roasting of tea leaves at a tea farm surrounded by the Kirishima mountain range
Tea picking will be hosted at a tea farm owned by a company called Henta Seicha, which is located at the foot of the Kirishima mountain range. Henta Seicha’s tea leaves grow in a tea field 200-300 meters above sea level and are either pesticide-free or organically grown. Freshly picked tea leaves are then roasted so that they can be brought back home. Roasted tea is made by directly heating the tea leaves in a metal pot so that the tea’s natural aroma can be enjoyed.

Characteristic 3) Take a soak in the open-air hot spring bath of the rooms with tea incenses
Kirishima tea incense can be enjoyed during a soak in the open-air hot spring bath of the guest rooms. Warm the body from its core and ease into the atmosphere as the aroma of roasted tea leaves, said to have a relaxation effect, fill the cool air.

Example Stay Schedule
<Day 1>
3:00 pm Check-in: Kirishima tea welcome drink
4:00 pm Relax in the open-air hot spring baths of the rooms with tea incenses
5:30 pm Kirishima tea cocktails to be enjoyed in the rooms
7:30 pm Dinner – Seasonal Kaiseki dinner course
9:15 pm KAI Cultural Discovery: Tenson Korin Dance

<Day 2>
7:00 am Morning exercise
8:00 am Breakfast
12:00 pm Check-out
1:00 pm Tea picking and roasting at Henta Seicha

Kirishima Tea Stay in a glance
Period: 20 April to 20 June 2022
Price: 59,000 JPY per person (includes tax and service charge)
Includes: 8 cocktails of Kirishima tea and shochu, tea picking and roasting experience, a stay at the suite, dinner, and breakfast
Available to: a group per day (maximum of 2 persons per group)
Reservation: Required 7 days in advance
Others: in case of bad weather, tea picking may be subject to cancellations

About KAI Kirishima
Address: 2583-21 Kirishimayama, Kirishimataguchi, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-4201
Price: Starts from 31,000 JPY per night (for 1 person in a 2 person room, includes tax and service charge, excludes meals)
Number of Rooms: 49
Check-in: 3:00 pm / Check-out: 12:00 pm
Directions: Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from JR Kirishima-Jingu Station

About the KAI Brand
”Japanese Auberge" in classic hot spring regions
KAI is a leading brand of hot spring ryokan where every establishment offers a contemporary take on traditional Japanese inn whilst keeping Western comforts. KAI invites one to discover the multifaceted aspects of Japan through natural hot springs, exploration of local arts and entertainment, and classic Kaiseki-style course meals using local and seasonal flavors. Experience Washoku, Japanese cuisine, presented on carefully selected ceramics for full exposure to culinary sensations.

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