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June 14, 2023
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Discover a Refreshing Summer at HOSHINOYA Guguan’s Slow Valley Stay

Connect with the natural beauty of Guguan on a 2-night, 3-day getaway featuring forest walks and riverside picnics
HOSHINOYA creates an extraordinary escape embodying the true characteristics of land, history, and culture, and HOSHINOYA Guguan is no exception. Nestled at the foot of the Taiwan Central Mountain Range, HOSHINOYA Guguan is a hot spring resort with the Chinese concept of mushu(*1) — pure water that offers relief from the heat of summer. The resort invites guests to leave behind the scorching city heat and enjoy the cooler climate of the region. From July 1st to August 31st, 2023, the resort will offer a 2-night, 3-day stay program called “Slow Valley Stay.” This program is inspired by “slow travel”, a travel style that emphasizes connection with the local life and culture. Guests will have the opportunity to explore and admire the natural beauty, history and people of Guguan in depth.
*1 In Chinese, "mushu" (沐暑) is a word created by combining “mu” (沐), which means "to be richly moistened by pure water," and “shu” (暑), which means "summer heat." The word captures the refreshing feeling of cooling down with pure water in summer.

Surrounded by mountains that soar about 3,000 meters above sea level, HOSHINOYA Guguan is a cozy summer destination that is about 5 degrees cooler than Taipei(*2). The hotel takes advantage of the local climate to offer a refreshing stay with the concept of a “mushu” resort during the spring and summer seasons. A “mushu” resort incorporates four elements: 1) design that lets our guests feel the flow of water and wind, 2) refreshing experiences, 3) suggestions for enticing ways to enjoy the summer hot springs, and 4) cuisine that brings out the coolness.
In 2023, HOSHINOYA Guguan chose slow travel as the theme of the mushu resort stay. Slow travel is a travel style that is sustainable for both the environment and the people who live in the area. It emphasizes connection with the local people, culture, and cuisine. The goals of slow travel include relaxation, curiosity, discovery, engagement, and reflection(*3). After the pandemic, as travel habits and attitudes changed, the property took notice of a survey that pointed to demand among travelers to stay longer at their destinations and support local communities(*4). The survey results resonated with the idea of slow travel. Developed this program by integrating it with the elements of a mushu resort.
*2 Average temperatures in Heping District, Taichung City and Xinyi District, Taipei City in August 2019 according to the Weather Channel
*3 Janet Dickinson, Les Lumsdon (2010). <Slow Travel and Tourism>.Earthscan
*4 Hotel Management Network (2021). <Slow Travel could be the next big tourism trend>

Characteristics 1: Shifting the rhythm of mind and body
<Floral Tea Ceremony>
Upon arrival at the hotel, guests will be treated to an herbal tea blended to their liking at a special tea ceremony in the Water Garden. The Water Garden is home to about 100 kinds of plants, which become more lush and vibrant as summer approaches. The trees display their vitality and rich greenery and the flowers blossom with freshness. As guests enjoy the gentle breeze and feel closer to nature, they will check in at the floral tea ceremony, which will help relax their minds and body and prepare them for an extraordinary stay.

Characteristics 2: Discover the local culture and life and awaken your curiosity
<Night Forest Walk>
After dinner on the first day, guests will join the staff for a lantern-lit exploration of the Water Garden. This is when the garden reveals its nocturnal charm, with a cool breeze caressing the skin and a symphony of insects and water soothing their ears. They will have a chance to spot some elusive creatures, such as the guo shan xia, a freshwater prawn that inhabits the waterway. When guests cast a light on the prawns, their eyes sparkle like stars in the dark. Enable to feel a surge of excitement at the discovery. After the stroll, they can lie down in the garden and gaze at the starry sky, enjoying a peaceful moment of being one with nature.
<Riverside Fun>
On the morning of the second day, they will head to the Dajia River, a secluded and pristine river that is a 20-minute drive and a short walk from HOSHINOYA Guguan. There, guests will marvel at the clear water and the stunning natural panorama. They will also learn from a dedicated staff member about the history of the river and the culture of the Atayal people, an indigenous group that inhabits Guguan. They will even try their traditional fishing method. Lunch will be a special sandwich served at seats installed by the river. The buns are focaccia with ci-cong, a spice favored by the indigenous people. The filling is pork that has been slow-cooked for three hours and flavored with a special barbecue sauce and maqaw, a spicy seasoning, along with rolled egg and plenty of vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, pickles and green leaves. It is a satisfying dish that will restore energy after having fun by the river.

Characteristics 3: Reflect and recharge for the next adventure
<Private Hot Spring>
After the riverside fun, enjoy private access to the large public bath, reserved only for this program. The staff will guide guests through some stretches before soaking in the water. The spring water is slightly alkaline and bicarbonate(*5), which will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated after bathing, perfect for summer(*6). The open-air bath in the large public bath is surrounded by trees and flowers, creating a cooler atmosphere. After bathing,  guests can treat themselves to a dessert of sweet pears soaked in syrup and stuffed with wolfberry and acacia seeds, along with peach vinegar tea.<Cool Brunch>
On the final day, enjoy a leisurely stay until check-out. We will deliver a brunch specially crafted for this program to the guest room. The appetizer is trout marinated with local ingredients, garnished with caviar and tapioca, and drizzled with dragon fruit sauce. The main dish is squid ink pasta topped with fragrant truffles, and a sauce based on sauce américaine that enhances its flavor.
*5 Based on Taiwan's Hot Springs Act
*6 Chen, Jiamian (2020). <Bicarbonate springs in Japanese health resorts> (accessed April 10th, 2023)

Period: July 1st to August 31st, 2023 (limited to every Monday to Wednesday)
Price: 39,900 New Taiwan Dollar per group (includes tax) 
Price includes: Floral tea ceremony, kaiseki cuisine, night forest walk, riverside fun, private hot spring, cool brunch
Reservation: Reserve by noon 14 days in advance on the official website below
Capacity: 1 group per day (up to 2 people)
Eligibility: Guests over 18 years old staying at the hotel for more than 2 nights
Others: Guests will have to pay a 100% cancellation fee if canceled 3 days or less before the participation date.
*Please note that weather conditions may affect the availability or details of some of our activities. We may have to cancel or modify them for your safety and comfort.
*For the enjoyment of the riverside, we suggest wearing comfortable shoes that guests are familiar with and clothes that dry quickly and can withstand some splashes or stains. Some of the paths are a bit rough.
*Our dishes are prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients, so the menu and the source of the ingredients may vary slightly depending on what we can procure.
*Our brunch includes alcoholic beverages. 

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