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June 30, 2023
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Property Details: Hoshino Resorts KAI Alps

KAI Alps is a hot spring ryokan with a nostalgic atmosphere, located in a hot spring town close to Hakuba, which was one of the venues of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. With high snowfalls during the winter, the architectural structure incorporates gangi, which is where the eaves that face the road are long to create a corridor in the wintery areas.  Experience the countryside of Japan with festivals and traditional games in summer and snow games in Kamakura igloos in winter. Encounter the beauty of Japanese villages as they used to be, and sense a feeling of nostalgia, as your body and soul are soothed at this hot spring resort. 

KAI Local Flavors
The dinner offered at KAI is a multi-course kaiseki meal, where the essence of the local area and season is reflected in each dish. Each is uniquely prepared and presented for moments of discovery and delight throughout the meal. 

At KAI Alps, the tasteful Japanese multi-course meal is visually pleasing to the eyes as well, made with ingredients grown in the fields and the clear streams of the Shinshu region. The highlight for the winter and springtime special kaiseki is the main dish named "Yuki-Nabe", which translates to snow hot pot. Sukiyaki is a Japanese hot pot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables cooked in soy sauce and sugar. At KAI Alps, soft cotton candy sits on top of the ingredients, as if it is the snow that falls in the region and savory sauce is poured over to complete the sukiyaki dish. 

For the summer and autumn special kaiseki, the main dish is "Kuwayaki Meal," which consists of grilled beef, chicken, mushrooms, and other ingredients cooked in teppanyaki style on a heated hoe or "kuwa" in Japanese. "Kuwayaki" is said to originate from farmers using their hoes to cook food in between farm jobs. This special meal will give you an authentic experience of the rural Shinshu region.

KAI Cultural Discovery - Irori Fireplace Experience
KAI Cultural Discovery is a free daily activity designed to introduce guests to the regional culture and traditions. At KAI Alps, guests are invited to sit around an irori fireplace and enjoy a variety of grilled snacks, heated regional sakes, and traditional games for a genuine rural Japanese experience. The irori offers a chance to experience what life was once like in rural Japan. In the winter, guests may borrow traditional snowshoes for walks in the courtyard.

KAI Signature Rooms 
KAI Signature Rooms incorporate elements of local history and regional craft cultures in their design. The rooms cater to guests who wish to spend their time in a space that truly reflects the region’s identity.

Every room of KAI Alps is a type of KAI Signature Room. The guest rooms are furnished with lighting made with "Matsuzaki washi", Japanese paper, a traditional art from this area; paper cutting art made by local artists; and throw blankets made in the "Ueda Tsumugi" style using silk. There are four types of rooms, such as the annex with a private feel, the Japanese-style room with a loft, or the Japanese-style room with an indoor bath.

"Matsuzaki washi" is a type of paper made by treating leaves with a special process and spreading them thin, all done by hand. It is said that Matsuzaki washi was first made in approximately 1000 AD, for use in a festival in this region. The crystal clear water of the river, the abundant ingredients, and the advanced paper-making technology has made this paper a specialty of the region. However, with the passing of time, the number of paper-making craftsmen has dwindled to the point that there are now only a few left. At KAI Alps, lighting made from this Matsuzaki washi is installed at the entrance of each room, and by the beds. The soft light has a natural warmth that will soothe your soul.

Every room will be decorated with unique paper-cutting art made with the nature of Nagano as a motif. The paper used for this art consists of three sheets of handmade Japanese paper stacked on top of each other and dyed with persimmon juice. The themes of the design incorporate the nature of the region, such as the water, flowers, trees, birds, and sky. 

Special Facilities
Public hot springs
At the foot of the Northern Alps, KAI Alps is blessed by spring water with 400 years of history. The main bath at the resort consists of an outdoor bath made of granite with a view of the mountains, and an indoor bath made with fragrant hinoki wood. The larch trees visible from the bathroom are a species of deciduous tree native to Japan that change their appearance depending on the season: blooming in spring, turning a beautiful green in summer, glowing gold in autumn, and being covered in snow during winter. With its gentle water, the bath also has the effect of relieving fatigue after activities like mountain climbing and skiing.

Nearby Attractions
Hakuba Ski
Located at the foot of the Northern Alps, the Hakuba area's Hakuba Valley features magnificent scenery and over ten ski resorts. The area received significant attention during the 1998 Nagano Olympics and is still world-famous for its high-quality powder snow. We offer a wide range of services designed to help our ski guests make the most of their visit.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a short 15-minute car ride from KAI Alps. Starting at Ogisawa, the route provides an exquisite view of the mountains for sightseers. See the Northern Alps (elevation: 3,000m) and striking panoramic views from the cable car. 

Overview of KAI Alps
Address: 2884-26 Taira, Omachi, Nagano
Number of Rooms: 48
Facilities: Dining area, Travel Library lounge, Yuagari lounge, public hot spring, ski drying room (winter only)
Check-in: 3:00 pm /Check-out: 12:00 pm
Starting Room Rate: 28,000 JPY per night (per person ina  2-person stay) with breakfast and dinner included

About KAI Brand
"Japanese Auberge" in classic hot spring regions
KAI is a leading brand of hot spring ryokan where every establishment offers a contemporary take on traditional Japanese inn whilst keeping Western comforts. KAI invites one to discover the multifaceted aspects of Japan through natural hot springs, exploration of local arts and entertainment, and classic Kaiseki-style course meals using local and seasonal flavors. Experience Washoku, Japanese cuisine, presented on carefully selected ceramics for full exposure to culinary sensations.

About Hoshino Resorts
Hoshino Resorts was first established as a Japanese inn/ryokan in 1914 in Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture before it began the operation of other resorts in Japan. Today, it has evolved into a highly influential hotel management company and is run by 4th-generation family member Yoshiharu Hoshino. Providing a unique experience focused on the local charms of each destination and a high level of omotenashi, Japanese-style hospitality, the company has expanded rapidly out of Karuizawa since 2001 and now operates more than 60 accommodations both in and outside Japan with one of the following categories: luxury hotel brand “HOSHINOYA,” hot spring ryokan brand “KAI,” countryside resort hotel brand “RISONARE,” city tourism hotel brand “OMO,” free-spirited hotel brand “BEB,” or other unique lodgings.

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