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November 16, 2023
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Property Details: Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel

Oirase Keiryu Hotel is the only resort hotel that stands beside Oirase Gorge, which is located in Towada Hachimantai National Park. Based on the concept “Keiryu Slow-life,” it offers a relaxing stay; breakfast on the terrace in the fresh morning air, guest rooms with a view of the mountain stream, and activities in the rich nature of Oirase.

Guests at the hotel can enjoy the beauty of nature, as well as the restaurants, onsen, and guest rooms with views of the stream. The facility also offers various activities for each of the four seasons, so guests can experience the natural environment of the national park throughout the year. Knowledgeable nature guides will show visitors the most beautiful places for viewing the fresh green leaves, autumn leaves, and snow.

About Oirase Gorge
Oirase Gorge refers to the upper 14km of Oirase River, flowing from Towada Lake. It is a special protection area within the national park, and a nationally designated Natural Monument and Special Place of Scenic Beauty with a bountiful natural environment. The stream is surrounded by natural forests of deciduous trees like beech, katsura, and Japanese horse chestnut, creating one of the highest quality forest environments in all of Japan. With just over 300 species of moss, the diversity and beauty of the forest enthrall all who visit. As trails are also maintained along the stream, visitors to Oirase Gorge can experience the beautiful natural environment while enjoying a light walk.

Food & Beverage
French Restaurant “Sonore” 
Sonore is a musical term meaning “To resonate clearly”. The sound of the flowing Oirase Gorge, modern French cuisine made with seasonal ingredients, and the finest quality wine all come together to resonate clearly throughout your body and mind. Guests can enjoy a special experience, beginning with aperitifs (*1) on the terrace overlooking the stream.     
*1 Alcoholic beverages and appetizers served before a meal.
Price: 21,780 JPY/person (includes tax and service fees)
Notes: Aperitif serving location will vary depending on the weather and time of year

Buffet Restaurant “Aomori Ringo Kitchen”
The buffet restaurant “Aomori Ringo Kitchen” which features the Aomori’s most popular production, apple, to not only meals but also the interior of the restaurant. Apple-shape lamps and artworks are created with Aomori’s traditional craft “Tstugaru Bidoro (glassware)” and wooden craft “BUNACO”. You can taste various apple meals from the appetizers to the desserts.  

Summer/Autumn Experience - Breakfast “Keiryu Terrace”
Breakfast at the terrace right beside the Oirase Gorge.
Price: 4,500 JPY/person
Period: May - October
Notes: Location will be changed to indoor restaurant in case of bad weather.

Special Facilities
Lobby - Mori no Shinwa
The Large Fireplace "Mori no Shinwa" in the lobby, created by Taro Okamoto, depicts mushrooms, birds, forest fairies, and other creatures living in the forest.
Completed in 1991, height 8.5m, weight 5t, made of bronze

Keiryu Base
You can experience the wonders of nature in the public area “Keiryu-BASE”. Keiryu concierge, our nature guide, will guide you the nature of Oirase Gorge. In the center of the area, there is a large fireplace “Kashin” created by Taro Okamoto.
Completed in 1996, height 10m, weight 7t, made of aluminum alloy

Public Hot Springs
Keiryu Onsen
This open-air hot spring is designed to enjoy the hot spring and the view of Oirase Gorge at the same time. You can also enjoy the different views in every season.
Period: April - November
Time: 5:00 am - 11:30 am , 2:30 pm - 12:00 am

Winter Experience - Frozen Waterfall Onsen
The frozen waterfall found in Oirase Gorge is reproduced on the wall of this hot spring. Take a smoothing bath while enjoying a spectacle of glittering icicles.
Period: December - March
Time: 6:00 am - 11:30 am, 2:30 pm - 12:00 am

Private Onsen - Yae Kokonoe no Yu
A private outdoor hot spring with a waterfall close by. You can enjoy the bath as well as the nature of each season.
Period: Early June to Late November
Price: 11,000 yen per hour

About Keiryu Onsen, Frozen Waterfall Onsen, Yae Kokonoe no Yu
Source: Sarukura Onsen Mixed Springs 
Onsen Type: Simple hot spring (hypotonic, neutral, high temperature)
Relieves: Chronic muscle and joint pain, gastrointestinal dysfunction, cold sensitivity, fatigue, depression, etc.
Notes: Open hours may vary depending on the time of year.

Guest rooms
Keiryu Suite Room
A luxurious guest room with the theme of "Spend time with the mountain stream as a reward." Hot spring with the view of the mountain stream and the real moss wall paintings provide you extraordinary feelings. You can spend a blissful time listening to the murmuring stream while enjoying the finest wine and special breakfast.
Price: From 87,990 yen (per person when 2 people per room, tax, dinner and breakfast included)
Size: 120 square meters | Capacity: 6 people per room | Number of Rooms: 2 rooms

Moss Suite Room
With moss design throughout the room, you can spend a luxurious moment with an extraordinary feeling. A luxurious and unique experience of enjoying a unique special moss motif breakfast awaits.
Price: From 87,990 yen (per person when 2 people per room, tax, dinner and breakfast included)
Size: 115 square meters | Capacity: 4 people per room | Number of Room: 1 room

Oirase Guided Walk
Participants in this activity will walk a popular Oirase Gorge trail, guided by one of our nature guides. The 2.8 km walk will take around 2 hours and 20 minutes, during which time you can enjoy the scenery, and learn new things, including how the Oirase Gorge was formed, and a lot of information about the season.
Period: April - November

Moss Trail
There are over 300 species of moss growing along the Oirase Gorge. In this activity, you will walk with magnifying glass in hand, and observe the micro world of moss.
Period: April - November

Keiryu Discovery
The hotel’s nature guides offer lectures that tell you he charms of Oirase Gorge and various ways to enjoy the surrounding area.
Period: Year round *The time the activity is held will change depending on the time of year.

Autumn Experience - Autumn Leaves Tour
Around the gorge, there are a lot of yellow-colored trees, such as beech, katsura, and maple, and you will be able to enjoy their yellow leaves. In the quiet early morning, participants in this activity will visit the best spot to see these autumn leaves together with a nature guide.
Period: Mid October - Early November

Winter Experience - Frozen Waterfall Night Tour                       
Participants in this activity will go to see the illuminated icefall and icicles in the Oirase Gorge at night. The illumination of the icefall is a special view that can only be seen by tour participants because it is illuminated at the time according to the tour bus schedule.
Period: Mid December - Mid March

Overview of Oirase Keiryu Hotel
Address: 231 Tochikubo, Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0301
Number of Rooms: 187
Check-in: 3:00 pm/Check-out: 12:00 pm
Price: Starts from 24,000 JPY per night (for 1 person in a 2-person stay, includes breakfast and dinner, tax)
Directions: 90 minutes by car from JR Hachinohe Station/Shin-Aomori Station

About Hoshino Resorts
Hoshino Resorts was first established as a Japanese inn/ryokan in 1914 in Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture before it began the operation of other resorts in Japan. Today, it has evolved into a highly influential hotel management company and is run by 4th-generation family member Yoshiharu Hoshino. Providing a unique experience focused on the local charms of each destination and a high level of omotenashi, Japanese-style hospitality, the company has expanded rapidly out of Karuizawa since 2001 and now operates more than 60 accommodations both in and outside Japan with one of the following categories: luxury hotel brand “HOSHINOYA,” hot spring ryokan brand “KAI,” countryside resort hotel brand “RISONARE,” city tourism hotel brand “OMO,” free-spirited hotel brand “BEB,” or other unique lodgings.

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