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November 24, 2023
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Property Details: OMO3 Sapporo Susukino by Hoshino Resorts

OMO3 Sapporo Susukino is a city tourism hotel that acts as a base camp for guests to enjoy Susukino, a town full of culinary delights. Hokkaido is known for its fresh produce because it is blessed with a rich nature. The food culture of Hokkaido developed due to the availability of vegetables, meat, and fish, attracting many visitors within Japan as well as from outside Japan. Guests are encouraged to stay up late to enjoy Sapporo’s nightlife and to savor all that the neighborhood has to offer. The Chuo-ku area of Sapporo is a vibrant area with over 3500 restaurants, consisting of both long-established and new shops. Gastropubs and bars are open late at night or all night to keep guests entertained.  The GO-KINJO Map, an original map of the neighborhood with recommendations by staff members, can be found at the OMO Base, a public space that includes the front desk and lounge. Through the local guide tour with OMO Rangers, we plan to share the hidden spots of Susukino. 

Characteristic 1: Local Guide Tours and recommendations by OMO Rangers
Susukino Apero Meeting - "Pre-meeting" before heading out for dinner
A daily program hosted by OMO Rangers, our staff who knows the city inside and out, at the OMO Base. Insight into the food of Susukino, such as Jingisukan (lamb meat BBQ) and ramen, can be discovered through quizzes and recommendations of restaurants. Like the French culture of Apero, where you enjoy chatting with a glass of alcoholic beverage, enjoy a chat with our OMO ranger with a drink before dinner to find the perfect restaurant for you. 
Period: All year
Price: Free of charge 
Time: 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm (15 mins each per session) 
Place: OMO Base
Others :
・Drinks and snacks are of separate charges. 
・Time may change depending on the season

Susukino Zero-banchi tour
A tour around the oldest underground restaurant district in Sapporo, the Zero-banchi, which has been around for more than 50 years. Our staff will unravel the history of the frontier cities of Sapporo and Susukino and explain the dishes of each restaurant and the owner's attention to detail that you can't just walk around. A guided tour only for hotel guests by the OMO Rangers who know the neighborhood very well. Take a walk around town, find your favorite restaurant, indulge in delicious food, and stay up late!
Period: All year
Price: Free of charge 
Time: 9:00 to 10:00 pm 
Capacity: 5 people 
Reservation required by 8pm on the day
Characteristic 2: Go-Kinjo (Neighborhood) Map
On the Go-Kinjo Map at the OMO Base, recommendations from our OMO Rangers can be found. Our recommendations include a ramen shop where people line up before its opening time at 10 pm, and a shop where guests can eat parfait made by a bodybuilder and pastry chef as the final meal of the day. Information that is not necessarily found in guidebooks and can only be obtained through the relationship between our OMO Rangers and the shop owners will be shared only with you. 
Characteristic 3: OMO Food & Drink Station - 24-hour grab-and-go style area
The OMO Food & Drink Station offers easy access to drinks and snacks any time of day. There is a wide range of easy-to-eat size products that are perfect for various occasions such as apero, evening drinks and breakfast. For example, Sapporo Classic draft beer or a glass of wine is perfect before walking around town or staying up late! For breakfast, we serve bread from a bakery in Susukino that is open until midnight. A service that supports night owls without worry of time at the OMO Base. 

About OMO3 Sapporo Susukino by Hoshino Resorts
Address: 6-14-1 Minami Gojonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 
Number of Rooms: 226
Property structure: 1F to 13F, guest rooms, OMO Base (front desk, lounge)
Nightly Price: Starting from 10,000 JPY per room (includes tax charge)
Direction: 5 minutes by walk from Susukino Station (Nanboku Line) 

About OMO Brand
City tourism hotel to discover the wonders of the city
OMO is a city tourism hotel in a convenient city-center location, perfect for exploring the deep, urban culture. We consider the city centered around the hotel to be part of our resort, offering a variety of options to see, eat, and shop. With the cooperation of the local community, city-lovers can get an insight into culture through our original tours and maps; sharing locals’ all-time favorites to hidden gems only with you!

What is an OMO number?

The number after “OMO” in the name of the property represents the breadth of our services to meet a variety of travel needs. With this number, guests can choose an OMO hotel that is best suited for a particular trip. Every trip may differ depending on its purpose and the way time is spent will change accordingly, so find your best OMO, which is your number 1 supporter of city tourism.

About Hoshino Resorts
Hoshino Resorts was first established as a Japanese inn/ryokan in 1914 in Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture before it began the operation of other resorts in Japan. Today, it has evolved into a highly influential hotel management company and is run by 4th-generation family member Yoshiharu Hoshino. Providing a unique experience focused on the local charms of each destination and a high level of omotenashi, Japanese-style hospitality, the company has expanded rapidly out of Karuizawa since 2001 and now operates more than 60 accommodations both in and outside Japan with one of the following categories: luxury hotel brand “HOSHINOYA,” hot spring ryokan brand “KAI,” countryside resort hotel brand “RISONARE,” city tourism hotel brand “OMO,” free-spirited hotel brand “BEB,” or other unique lodgings.

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