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Hoshino Resorts

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Akasaka was once, back in the Edo period, an area with many samurai residences and now, it is a convenient, prime location of Tokyo with high-end Japanese restaurants. Nestled amongst buildings of major corporations, nearby sights include the Akasaka Palace and Imperial residence, adding lush greenery to the sight. Moreover, its charms include the freedom to enjoy a night's out to morning walks for a fresh start in just one area! Experience a compact and functional hotel stay where you can enjoy the different aspects of Akasaka.

4-3-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Akasaka, a place yet to be discovered

OMO Rangers, our local guide, will walk you through the classic must-sees to the "yet to be discovered" such as Japan's most impressive Western architecture, the State Guest House, to the handmade tofu shop that has been loved since its establishment in 1893. Enjoy our guide that incorporates fun facts about our recommendations as well as the history of Akasaka!


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