A resort village
of aquatic bliss HOSHINOYA Bali

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Located in central Bali, the Ubud region is a living temple dedicated to Balinese culture,
home to traditional crafts and performing arts.
The sounds of the gamelan ring throughout a landscape adorned with artwork,
from tiny sculptures sitting on street corners to paintings that decorate dining establishments.
The heart of this temple is the jungle through which the sacred Pakerisan River runs
and in which HOSHINOYA Bali opened its doors on January 20th, 2017.

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  • A natural setting in which you can lose yourself A natural setting in which you can lose yourself ナンバー1 ナンバー1

    A natural setting in which you can lose yourself

    Deep inside a dense jungle that cascades down the slopes of a magnificent mountain range sits HOSHINOYA Bali, just a stone's throw away from the Pakerisan River. Inside the resort are elevated gazebos that blend in with the jungle they overlook. Here, guests will find relaxation in the chirping birds, the babbling water, and soothing breezes that waft in from the valley below. Watching the colors of the jungle change as the sun travels across the sky, guests may find themselves becoming one with this breathtaking natural setting.

  • Pools that redefine the resort experience Pools that redefine the resort experience ナンバー2 ナンバー2

    Pools that redefine the resort experience

    Three seventy-meter swimming pools stretch across the resort village, each designed to flow gently as if it was an ancient Balinese canal guiding water through the resort. Guests stay in villas that offer direct access to these pools via semi-private pool areas that are subtly set apart by water gardens. At any point in the day, guests may take a break from reading or other waterside activities to enjoy a soak just a few steps from their villas, in waters that change in temperature and color throughout the day. Watching the nighttime stars while floating on the surface of the water is a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Villas that reflect the aesthetics of Ubud artisans Villas that reflect the aesthetics of Ubud artisans ナンバー3 ナンバー3

    Villas that reflect the aesthetics of Ubud artisans

    Ubud is an area of Bali that is famous for its art. In fact, it is considered an artist enclave due to the many Western artists who have moved to the island since the 1930s. The influence of Balinese art can be seen all throughout Ubud--including in the villas of HOSHINOYA Bali. The villas were constructed by master Ubud builders who have applied their knowledge of the local environment to create spaces that offer maximal comfort. Intricate carvings decorate the furniture and walls--the product of numerous local artists. Each carving is a singular work of art that features local plants and animals, emphasizing the importance of harmony between humans and nature.

  • 日本の技を活かしたバリ料理 日本の技を活かしたバリ料理 ナンバー4 ナンバー4

    Balinese cuisine meets Japanese culinary techniques

    Bali is a treasure trove of natural spices, both foreign and indigenous. Combined with fresh ingredients from the hills and the seas--not to mention the rice grown in Ubud's famous terraces--these spices produce truly unique dishes. At HOSHINOYA Bali, guests are served multi-course meals consisting of Bali's culinary delights--but with flavors and presentations that are influenced by Japanese culinary techniques.

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Valleys and birds in the morning

Valleys and birds in the morning

Even in Bali, one can see an expanse of rice fields spreading across the plateaus of Ubud. The island has long been a beloved summer getaway destination. Mist shrouds the valleys in the morning as the sounds of babbling brooks rise from the ravines, and the birds cheerfully chirp a greeting to welcome guests. Bali is known as the "Island of Gods," a nickname befitting the almost ethereal quality of its natural beauty. What better place to rejuvenate your mind and body?

Sublime herb baths

Sublime herb baths

The Hoshinoya Bali Spa lies past the guest rooms, further down towards the valley. You'll feel the calming embrace of the surrounding nature during your visit. Our "Hoshinoya Balinese Massage" is an original arrangement of ancient Balinese therapeutic techniques. You'll never experience greater bliss than that of an after-treatment bath. Clear your mind, relax, and enjoy.

Gamelan Melodies

Gamelan Melodies

We greet our guests with a gamelan musical performance. "Gamelan" is a collective term for traditional Balinese musical instruments. It is an indispensable part of Balinese culture, and is performed even during religious ceremonies and festivals. The bright, cheerful music echoing through the forests of Ubud will beckon you into an extraordinary new world.

A more personal Bali experience A more personal Bali experience

A more personal Bali experience

At typical Western establishments, guest requests are often responded to with information that comes from a standardized manual rather than individual expertise. At HOSHINOYA, we strive to offer a more personal service that reflects the character and knowledge of the person providing it--a quality one can also find in traditional Japanese inns known as ryokan. In doing so, we hope to satisfy needs that even our guests may not be aware of. Our native Balinese staff are trained daily to discover hidden attractions in Ubud and other parts of Bali so they will always be ready to recommend something special to our guests.