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Please find Hoshino Resorts' new opening and renewal opening properties below.
Enjoy the local culture of each unique property.


Opening on November 1st, 2019

Back to nature, back to yourself

Brilliant in every season, this exceptionally designed highland resort beckons with deep woods, gurgling mountain streams, and superb views from each unique room. Agritourism programs invite you to tend the very produce and herbs you’ll savor in Mediterranean-inspired feasts. As you reconnect with the earth and its waters you may find that you’ve embarked on a fulfilling journey right back to your most natural way of being.

Iriomote Hotel

Rebranded on October 1st, 2019

Land of the endangered Iriomote wildcat

With no airstrip and a lone coastal road, the island of Iriomote is as remote a place as one finds in Japan. Even so, adventure seekers of all ages can explore its dense subtropical forests, mangrove-lined waterways, rushing cascades and long curving beaches in a host of outdoor programs here at the island’s largest resort. Among them is an opportunity to see and learn about the legendary Iriomote wildcat, a protected species of leopard unique to the island.


Opened on June 30st, 2019

Taiwan debut of luxury hot-spring resort

Perched above a breeze-filled valley northwest of Taichung, this delightful destination appears to float amid the surrounding hills. Book a room fed by the abundant high-quality thermal waters and enjoy Japanese-style hot-spring bathing and spa treatments at their finest.

BEB5 Karuizawa

Opened on February 5th, 2019

Kicked-back stays for younger travelers

The relaxed Tamariba lounge invites guests to bring in their own snacks, play their favorite music and settle in just like at home. Affordable accommodation plans are offered year-round.

KAI Nagato

Opening on March 12th, 2020

Hot springs with history

Soak up some history at Nagato Yumoto, the oldest hot-spring resort in Yamaguchi prefecture and a destination that drew even Japanese feudal lords for its clear alkaline waters that leave the skin soft and silky smooth. Nestled at the foot of Akebono Bridge between the hills and the Otozure River that runs through town, KAI Nagato is designed after the traditional tea houses where those feudal lords would come to rest on their travels centuries ago. Old and new meet here in a stylish contemporary mix.

BEB5 Tsuchiura

Opening in March 2020

Slide into the slipstream

BEB5 Tsuchiura is all about kicked-back stays for younger travelers. We’ve done away with fussiness to make things easy. You’ll find us right right above Tsuchiura Station, and checkout isn’t until noon. Our industrial chic Tamariba café is open around the clock. Bring in your own snacks and drinks and relax as you like. Best of all, choose your favorite roadbike from our collection and start exploring—the 180-kilometer Rin Rin Cycling Road is right outside our door. Tour around Kasumigaura Lake, the second-largest in Japan, or ride all the way to Mount Tsukuba and back.

RISONARE Kohamajima

Opening on April 20th, 2020

Swim with gentle manta rays at this Yaeyama beach resort

If starry nights and glittering mornings spent on white-sand beaches, gliding with manta rays amid coral reefs, and napping to the sound of waves in a spacious private bungalow figure on your bucket list, look no further. The central island of the Yaeyama group southwest of Okinawa, Kohamajima offers all these delights and more, including delicious meals filled with southeast-Asian flair and reflecting the vibrant history of this archipelago.


Opening in April 2020

Soft opening in April 2020
Grand opening in May 2020

Built along a 600-meter stretch of the Yomitan village's coast, HOSHINOYA Okinawa is a seaside resort surrounded by stunning ocean scenery, where you are provided with absolute freedom and flexibility in how you wish to spend your time.