We believe that more and more people feel uneasy about the possibility of not receiving proper medical treatment in a foreign country, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic.
Through this complimentary Travel Medical Insurance that is only offered at Hoshino Resorts, we would like every guest to feel safe and assured during a stay with us.

What is Hoshino Resorts
 Travel Medical Insurance?

Injuries and diseases,
including COVID-19, 
are covered

Guaranteed medical
service at
nearby hospitals
in Japan

Free for guests of
all ages

Applies for over
55 Hoshino Resorts'
in Japan

No payment required
at the hospital on behalf

24/7 language support
by the call center

Eligible people

Valid for all visitors to Japan with a reservation made on or after October 5, 2022 via our official website and with a checkout date until December 31, 2023
*Apply to bookings completed 1 day prior to arrival


All Hoshino Resorts' accommodations in Japan


Treatment costs of injuries and diseases during a stay at Hoshino Resorts
Insured treatment cost: Up to 1 million yen per injury or disease
*COVID-19 is also covered by this insurance.
*Injuries during sports such as skiing are also covered by this insurance.

Only 3 steps:

*Please take note that the insurance will only apply to those who have submitted a form 1 day prior to check-in.

More for You

The longer you stay, the longer you are covered

This travel medical insurance is offered at all Hoshino Resorts properties located in Japan. By booking your entire trip in Japan, your trip will be covered by our free insurance. The longer you stay with us, the longer you will feel at ease to travel.

Boutique hotels under 100 rooms

Hotels tend to be crowded due to the large number of rooms, however more than half of Hoshino Resorts properties are boutique hotels with fewer than 100 rooms which allows guests to avoid crowdedness.

Open space facilities

Many of Hoshino Resorts properties are built in a way to incorporate open spaces. They are mostly designed to blend in with the surrounding natural environment that enables you to feel the refreshing breeze.