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Snow Adventures

A special guide to fully enjoy your skiing or snowboarding trip with Hoshino Resorts! A range of stay experiences to suit different winter travels to ski destinations in Japan.

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Introduction of OMO Brand

This video will introduce you to the concept of the OMO brand "city tourism hotel to discover the wonders of the city" and the upcoming openings scheduled in 2023.

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Spring Journey

After the snow melts away and the warm spring wind blows, Japan's scenery is covered in a blanket of pink cherry blossoms. Explore the different hotels by Hoshino Resorts during the spring season.

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Summer Journey

Shades of fresh green color the mountains, and the sounds of cicada hint at the arrival of summer. Experience the best of what summer in Japan has to offer from June to August.

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Autumn Journey

The verdant mountain foliage changes to vibrant reds and yellows, and “leafing” in search of the most beautiful vistas is a long-practiced tradition. Enjoy vibrant autumn in Japan at our hotels.

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Winter Journey

Snow falls, the temperature drops, and winter wonderlands are formed as lakes and waterfalls freeze over. Take a trip in the brisk breeze of Japan's winter.

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A Tour of Breathtaking Places in Okinawa

Insight into the world of Iriomote Island, an island registered as a Natural World Heritage Site in July 2021. Discover the precious island charms through islanders and Iriomote enthusiasts.

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Ryokan Guide

Fun trivia presented by our brand of hot spring ryokan, KAI, to deepen your stay experience at a Japanese-style inn.

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The Manner of Onsen

A video to introduce the traditional etiquette of onsen, Japanese hot springs, for people from all over the world to learn and enjoy the onsen to their heart’s content.

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Japanese luxury in the heart of Tokyo where this "Tower of Ryokan" is a modern interpretation of traditional, Japanese-style accommodation. Uncover the traditions of ryokan, and the distinctive characteristics only HOSHINOYA can create.

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